Prayer and Care

Our congregation is full of caring and compassionate people who demonstrate their concern for congregation members and others in our community in various ways.  The following is a sampling of ways in which our love is shared.

Parish Nurse

The Parish Nurse serves as a liaison and advocate between a church member and their doctor or a hospital. She serves as a counselor regarding individual health issues and reminds church members to get flu shots and other preventative immunizations. Medical equipment donated by church members to the Parish Nurse’s office is available for use by those in need of it.

Caring Casseroles

Homemade casseroles are shared with congregation members in times of sickness, grief, or need. These are delivered to members’ homes.

Prayer Shawls

Carefully crafted shawls or lap blankets that have been prayed over by the congregation during a church service are taken to those who are struggling with an illness. We want the recipient to feel like they are being wrapped in love by the church members.

Prayer Chain

Church members are notified with a phone call or by email about prayer concerns. Our faithful prayer warriors respond to each request immediately.

Tuesday Morning Prayer Group

This group is open to anyone in our church or community. It is a time when the needs of individuals in our church, community, or world are lifted in prayer.

Shower of Blessings Card Ministry

Each week, several people are selected to receive a special touch of love and encouragement. Cards are sent to these folks throughout the week by church members.